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3U energy saving lamps

3U energy saving lamps

Adopted with high quality Tri-color lamp tube, high luminous efficiency, energy saving up to 80% over incandescent bulbs; Long service life ; Amalgam technology introduced

Different color temperature available: 2700K, 4000K, 6500K

3U energy saving lamps is a shape of the electronic energy saving lamps, refers to the light emitting part 3 was a "U" shaped tube composed of the tube diameter can be divided into Φ9mm the Φ12mm two kinds of commonly used three-color phosphor production, design powerhave 9W, 11W, 13W, 15W, 18W, 20W, 24W 7 specifications can be a direct replacement for traditional incandescent lamps used in households, hotels, office buildings and other lighting purposes.


1, significant energy savings, energy-saving 80% than ordinary incandescent bulbs.

2, head diameter to match the small can with many manufacturers downlight products.

, Energy-saving lamp phosphor, high luminous efficiency and brightness to ensure that 4, long life, average life expectancy of up to 8000 hours

5, no AC noise, no flicker, protect eyesight

6, affordable, small size, suitable for home use

7, the fire performance. Energy-saving lamps materials (such as: caps, circuit boards, wire, coil skeleton, etc.) are used to ballast low temperature flame-retardant materials and work 3U energy saving lamp can be widely used in shopping malls, home, hotel, office, warehouse, workshop and other places.