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Full Spiral Energy Saving Lamps

Full Spiral Energy Saving Lamps

Full Spiral Energy Saving Lamps also known as energy saving bulbs, half spiral energy saving lamp full spiral energy saving lamp points, belonging to the kind of energy-saving lamps. The general use of energy-saving lamp inductance ballast-driven fluorescent tube light-emitting, color temperature between 2500K-6800K color temperature of 2700K's usually called the yellow color temperature of 4200K is usually called a warm light, color temperature 6400K's called white. Spiral energy saving lamps are widely used in shopping malls, schools, families, hospitals and restaurants and other places.


Base: usually with E27, B22, E40 (high-power light use).

Plastic parts: the market usually PP (halogen powder low light), with mid-range lights of the PC (mixed powder), PBT (tricolor flame-retardant materials for high-end light).

Circuit board: General 94V0 fire-retardant sheet.