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GU10 energy saving lamps

GU10 energy saving lamps
Up to 80% energy saving ;
Various color-temperatures ;
Average life more than 8000 h
GU10 Energy Saving Lamp, Power: 7W/9W/11W, Life time: more than 8000hours, Lumen: 7W=180lm, 9W=220lm, Ra>80

GU10 energy saving lamps trichromatic phosphor lamp, high luminous efficiency, long life Selection of high quality electronic components, stable and reliable product performance; plastic parts using a PBT fire retardant material, the use of safer, high color rendering

Exclusive small plastic parts design, beautiful appearance, enough power, high brightness, light color and soft, energy saving of more than 85%

Ambient temperature -5 ℃ -45 ℃; 6, optimum voltage range 170V-260V

On the occasion of general lighting, modern mini downlights, dome light, table lamp, wall lamp and so on with lighting. Hotels, shopping malls, office, home, etc.

Luminous efficiency, luminous efficiency, refers to the luminous flux emitted by a light source and the ratio of the electric power consumption. Available lumens per watt or LM / W (luminous flux: the amount of light emitted by the light source unit time, which is an important indicator to measure the brightness of the lights, LM) GU10 energy saving lamps and ordinary light bulb. the luminous efficiency increases by about 5-6 times, equivalent to 60W ordinary incandescent lamp, such as the luminous flux of 11W energy-saving lamps.