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HID Lamps

HID Lamps

The luminous principle of HID Lamps is in the UV-cut anti-UV crystal quartz glass tube, filled with a variety of chemical gases, most of which HID (Xenon) and iodide, and then the car through the turbocharger (Ballast)instant boost of 12 volt DC voltage to 23,000 volts, through the high amplitude excitation of the xenon electronic free quartz tube, between the two electrodes to produce light, which is the so-called gas discharge. White super xenon arc light, can improve the light color temperature similar to daylight, the sun light, the HID work the required amount of current is only 3.5A, the brightness is three times that of conventional halogen bulbs, service life than conventional halogen bulb 10 times longer.

Generally speaking, HID lamps is made by lamp, electronic ballast (also called a ballast, regulator, etc.), line group composition.

(1)Base: you observe carefully, HID xenon lamp has no filament, there is no tungsten blown;

(2) the action of electronic ballasts: battery 12V DC voltage through a series of conversion, control, protection, boost conversion, resulting in a moment 23000V ignition high pressure lamp ignition, light up and then maintain 85V AC voltage;

(3) line group: generally made of flame-retardant materials, to ensure that by increasing the cross-sectional area of the power cord to improve the current capacity of normal HID xenon lamp.