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LED G4 lamps

LED G4 lamps

they use the simple bi-pin push fit system with a pin gap of 4mm and being very small they find their way into all manner of fittings – low profile spotlights, chandeliers, and indeed anyplace else that calls for a small, bright light.. Can replace G4 halogen lamp.

LED G4 Lamp Energy Saving up to 90%, quite a traditional light bulb 12W brightness.

Features are:

1, Energy saving: ultra-low power consumption than traditional halogen energy-saving more than 80%.

2, the long life of 3-5 hours, more than 10 times that of traditional lamp life.

3, green: do not produce radiation, mercury and lead and hazardous substances will not cause environmental pollution.

4, High luminous efficiency: 90 percent of electricity into visible light.

5, the use of safety: low-voltage, low current, low-calorie, easy to install.

Traditional G4, suitable for decoration and lighting, are widely used in downlights, ceiling lamps, ceiling lamps, down lights, cabinets, wine cooler, cars, trains, indoor lighting and decoration and so on.