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LED T8 lamps

LED T8 lamps

Directly Replace your T8, T10 or T12 fluorescent tubes with LED T8 lamp Replacements

that Save Money。Buy LED T8 Tubes and LED T8 Fluorescent lights for your existing Fixtures! The savings in maintenance costs for ballast and lamp replacement alone can pay for these units in as little as 24 months!

LED T8 lamps is a common LED lighting a lamp, and its shape is tubular, long strip.Diameter between 26mm-30mm.and the ordinary fluorescent tubes similar, but it is on the back of aluminum alloycooling, positive PC cover instead of glass, LED T8 lamps using a low voltage DC power supply, can not be directly connected to the mains, so it is with a power supply using a buck rectifier. Before you can access the power to market. LED T8 lamps using the latest fourth-generation light, energy saving, the direction of development for future lighting.

LED T8 lamps in two stages, on behalf of the development of LED lighting through two small way: a line of LED lights to a high-performance SMD LED lamp beads, both in the optical efficiency and production processes and heat are different, SMD type than in-line is much better.

Range used by the LED T8 lamps has penetrated many parts of the interior lighting of the place generally has its shadow, LED T8 tube is mainly concentrated in the office lighting, factory lighting, library lighting, subway lighting, shop lighting, shopping malls lighting, hotel lighting, etc., can be described as lighting, there are LED T8 lamps.