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LED flood light lamps

LED flood light lamps

Application: villa, hotel, shop and exhibition hall

Adopting high-power lamp-house, according with the standards of CE and RoHS

High-conductivity Aluminum material coupled with unique design for heat dissipation ensures the lamp temperature below 55℃ during usage

LED flood light lamps for light control through built-in microchip controller uses the small engineering applications, can achieve a gradual transition, color blinking, random blinking, alternating gradient and other dynamic effects, but also by DMX control, chase, scan, and other effects. There are two types of products, and a power chip combinations, and the other using a single powerful chip, the former is more stable performance, large single powerful product mix, suitable for small-scale investment and rays, which can reach a very high power, long-range large area can cast light.

A high brightness imported chips, high brightness, low energy consumption, low heat, long life to achieve 50000H can be divided into monochrome, 288 color two kinds.

Shell material: cast aluminum high-pressure molding shell, 4mm toughened safety glass features:

1, both symmetric and asymmetric light distribution, glare control.

2, lamps, electrical integration, modeling light and beautiful, easy to install.

3, dustproof and waterproof class IP65.

Voltage: 220V/110V/24V/12V

LED light source: 1W, 3W high power LED

The five high-power LED cast light irradiation distance of 5-30 meters, especially for landscape building building body, outdoor plaza, walls, displays, brush color

Six colors: red / yellow / blue / green / white / colorful color and other effects. Organic integration of a variety of light and water, resulting in a nimble feel, bring your dreamy mood. Power 6-54w different environments using different power lamps