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LED high power lamps

LED high power lamps

High-power LEDs (HPLED) can be driven at currents from hundreds of mA to more than an ampere, compared with the tens of mA for other LEDs. Can emit over a thousand lumens.Have big power.

LED high power lamps is used Light modular design, the best match of the ground illumination and power, increase or decrease the number of light sources, to meet different road width and illumination requirements, to achieve the purpose of both to meet the city's lighting requirements without wasting electricity.

At present, LED lighting technology matures, the efficacy of high-power LED light source has reached more than 80lm / W, which makes the city street lighting energy saving possible. LED lights, especially high-power LED lights, at a rapid pace, the impact of the traditional street market.

LED high power lamps, suggests that it is greater than 30 watts or more power, the use of new LED street lights of the semiconductor light source. LED lights standard road illumination uniformity (uniformity of the road surfaceilluminance) an average intensity of 0.48. Spot ratio of 1:2, in line with the road illumination. (Actual 1/2 center spot to reach the At 25LUX, 1/4 center of light to reach 15LUX 16 meters from the minimum light intensity 4LUX overlapping light intensity of about 6LUX market streetlight lens material for the improvement of optical materials, transmittance ≥ 93% temperature -38 - +90 degrees, anti-UV UV `yellow rate of 30,000 hours did not change and other features in the new city lighting with very good prospects dimming of the depth, color and other characteristics will dimming and change. solar LED Street refers to the silicon solar panels to supply power LED lights.