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LED Spotlight Lamps

LED Spotlight Lamps

Energy-saving and environment-friendly

Superior thermal management with internal copper heat conductor and external aluminum housing

Replacement bulbs for general lighting, especially for museums, art galleries, cosmetic counters where UV or IR radiation is undesirable.

LED spotlight lamps is to use light-emitting diodes as light sources for spotlights.Traditional spotlights the use of halogen lamps, low luminous efficiency, more power, irradiation ambient temperature rise, life is short. LED light-emitting principle of energy conservation, environmental protection level are much better than traditional lighting products. LED light, one-way light spotlights with perfect support.

LED spotlight lamps is mainly used for decoration, commercial space, lighting and architectural decorative lighting, etc. With the development and progress of LED technology, the performance advantages of the LED lights on the market is very prominent, high-purity aluminum reflector, the beam is the most accurate reflection the best; symmetrical narrow-angle, wide angle and asymmetric light distribution system, and the projection lamp with a scale plate, one can scale facilitate the adjustment of illumination angle. In addition, in order to facilitate maintenance, LED projection lamp to replace the bulb behind the open type. First-class decorative lighting effects, LED Spotlights can achieve a gradual transition, color blinking, random blinking, alternating gradient and chase, scan and other dynamic effects.