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PL energy saving tube

PL energy saving tube

Tri-Phosphor powder is adopted to produce our PL Compact Fluorescent Lamp;

Our PL CFLs feature with high luminous efficacy, longer rated life and high energy-saving;

PL Compact Fluorescent Tube are widely used as illumination lighting source of interior illumination lamps and lanterns. They can also be used as desk lamp, fixture lamps and emergency luminaries etc..

PL energy saving tube made by efficient rare earth tricolor phosphor manufacturing, high temperature resistance, flame resistance of PBT plastic with double-helical filament, longer service life, average life expectancy of up to 8000 hours.

Compact structure, beautiful appearance, light color and soft, warm and comfortable, easy handling, easy to replace;

Comfortable, light and good color rendering, high luminous efficiency, fast start, suitable for 110V-240V voltage;

Built-in anti-interference capacitor and the starter, no noise, no flicker, no interference to household appliances;

Applicable to the different downlights, emergency lights, table lamps, wall lamps, ceiling lamps. Electronic ballasts or Inductance Rectifier used in conjunction with, apply to hotels, restaurants, shopping malls, bedroom and other public places.