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SMD LED lamps

SMD LED lamps

SMD LED stands for surface mount LED. Specifically, it's a light-emitting diode that is mounted onto and soldered onto a circuit board

SMD LED lamp is made by FPC circuit board, LED lights, high-quality silicone casing.Waterproofing and to facilitate the use of low-voltage DC power supply security, luminous color, variety and colorful; outdoor use anti-UV aging, yellowing, high temperature resistance and other advantages, the product is widely used in building outline lights, entertainment quasi-decorative lighting, advertising lights in the field of decorative lighting.

Application of places in the jewelry showcase lighting, display cabinets, lighting, cabinet lighting, wardrobe lighting, specialty stores, decorative lighting, lighting, art lighting, advertising light box illumination as well as hotels, guest houses, home villa decorative lighting.

Features are:

1 can be bent, can be arbitrarily fixed at the surface

2 LED lights to form a loop

3.Small size, rich color

4. with high brightness, adjustable light angle, installation, length can be customized according to requirements

5.Energy: constant current drive, low power consumption, electro-optical power close to 100%

6.Environmental protection: ultraviolet, infrared ray radiation, there is no heat, no mercury leakage of dangerous

7.Longevity 5 - 80,000 hours, more than 10 times the traditional fluorescent lamp life