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T10 tube

T10 tube
T10 fluorescent tube is a gas-discharge lamp that uses electricity to excite mercury vapor with the diameter tube of 32mm.

Material and characteristics for T10 tube:

Small fine: the oxidation process, simple and generous, can be the whole band of light, easy to install

Safe and reliable: the lamp holder uses advanced engineering plastics, the ball pressure qualified, high temperature, corrosion-resistant

(3) stable performance: Built dragon up to the power of high-performance electronic thermostat, no noise, no flicker, light and color consistency

Energy efficient: experiments proved similar bracket on the market compared to the higher luminous efficiency team bracket above 22% energy saving than the alternative T8

5 Lu quality assurance: profile thickness of 0.3mm

6 color options: warm white, white, cold white light sources to choose from Lighting installation method

(1) cut off the power

(2) the original fluorescent tube to remove

(3) the fluorescent tube bracket cover opened Demolition out from the starter and ballast

5 bracket existing side street two lines are connected together, and then both ends of the analysis do not pick on the mains

6. Cover bracket cover LED fluorescent tube

7. Twist

8 power