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T12 tube

T12 tube
A T12 fluorescent tube is one of many commercially available forms of fluorescent lighting. Once the industry standard, they are slowly being replaced with better quality, lower energy-consumption forms of lighting both in homes and over aquariums.
T12 bulbs, like most straight-pin style tube lights, are named by the bulb's diameter in twelfths of inches. Thus, a T12 bulb is 12/12ths inches, or one inch in diameter.
A standard range of Halophosphate T12 fluorecent tubes in white, warm white and cool white

Product Features for T12 tube:

1.T12 tube fluorescent energy-saving up to 80%; life for more than 10 times the ordinary lamp, almost maintenance-free, there is no regular replacement of the lamp, ballast, starter, about half a year down the cost savings exchange costs and save artificial.

Green-based semiconductor light source, light, soft, pure spectrum, vision care and physical health of the workers, 6000K cool white light and gives a visual cool feel, help to focus and improve efficiency.

(3) low-voltage, low current, low-calorie, easy to install.

Scope of products:

Factory assembly line: T12 tube fluorescent tube fully in line with the general production of the national standard (GB50034-92) illumination 100-200 lux (Lux) requirements, no maintenance compared to traditional fluorescent tubes on the staff's eyes and body is a protective .

2, supermarkets, shopping malls (especially freezer): no infrared, no heat, and environmental protection. The color is good, restore the true color of goods and commodities in the LED light source does not heat.

Schools, office space: safe and reliable, without blinking, the light is soft and pure, effectively alleviate visual fatigue and eye protection. No UV, no harm to human skin.

Hospitals, municipal buildings, plazas, parking lots: a long time lighting spaces and places difficult to maintain the absolute cost-effective.

How to use:

1, T12 tube fluorescent tube, with the traditional fluorescent tube fully supporting bracket, do not need another production of the stent.

2, remove the traditional fluorescent tube rectifier bracket (recommended), remove the stand on the starter (required) T12 tube tube fitted with stents can be.