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T5 tube

T5 tube
T5s are often applied in low-profile fixtures, such as those used for cove lighting and illuminating display cases. Indirect and indirect/direct fixtures also often feature T5 lamps—the thinness and high intensity of the lamps enable designers to place fixtures farther apart and closer to the ceiling than is possible with T8 lamps

T5 tube diameters is about 16 mm, belonging to a low pressure gas discharge lamp.Use electric fields to activate the mercury vapor in argon-neon mixture (Fan Ning gas), the formation of the plasma discharge and issued short-wave ultraviolet light, so that the tube wall of the trichromatic phosphor to emit visible light.

T5 fluorescent tubes, advanced technology, energy saving, high luminous efficiency (OSRAM's T5 luminous efficiency of up to 109LM / W), lighting quality and effect of outstanding and other technical characteristics

According to the technical quality is divided into: T5 fluorescent tubes and T5 energy-saving lamps. From the perspective of production into the whole light is divided into: two kinds of T5 fluorescent lamps and T5 energy-saving lamps. Technical performance both in terms of luminous efficiency, energy-saving rate, the quality of lighting and effects, life has a great difference. The technical quality of the T5 energy-saving lamps, significantly better than the T5 fluorescent lamp. One of the most intuitive and is also very important quality parameters: T5 fluorescent tube light fades. T5 fluorescent tube light decay rate size, the degree of light fades, the T5 fluorescent tube lighting quality and effectiveness and longevity, has a decisive influence.