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Guide the healthy and rapid development of semiconductor lighting energy industry

www.bingsheng-lighting.comThe construction of a million people in the auditorium of the Great Hall of the People by the ground on the optical sky full of stars lighting source reconstruction project successfully passed the acceptance and put into use for the two sessions held to create a LED spotlight lamps comfortable light environment.

Wenzhou real estate group has brought to the cusp annihilated or comeback?

www.bingsheng-lighting.comIn recent days, the Wenzhou real estate group by the media onto the cusp.
Wenzhou real estate group side media general lamps reports "comeback", and side media have reported that 80% of real estate speculators in Wenzhou insolvent, facing annihilated the danger. What is the truth?

LED automotive lighting market this year, the amount will exceed 100 million

 LED has been applied to the interior and exterior automotive already very mature, especially in the automotive interior lighting, color LED applications, for example for the dashboard backlight switch, the car reading lamp or head-up display system, or the car (Color-on-Demand) function, using the 'on-demand color selection allows car manufacturers to be able to use their own unique color and other competitors to distinguish apart or use color to distinguish between LED muti-side lamps different series of products. Osram Opto Semiconductors Asia Ltd. Asia-Pacific Marketing Director Zhongjie Cong said.

Traditional light source into the past, LED light source control of rear projection splicing

The large screen splicing products, both DLP rear projection halogen lamps the stitching or LCD LCD splicing, has been able to display images without the help of the light source. The rear projection mosaic light source from the lamp, like mercury lamps, halogen lamps, xenon lamps, etc.. With the continuous development of the times, the two sources fatal drawback is clearly no longer able to meet the needs of the user, and became one of the important factors that hinder its development.

LED packaging technology level COB packaging is the future mainstream

The size of the LED packaging industry in China to grow to $ 285 billion in 2011 from $ 250 billion in 2010, production increased from 133.5 billion in 2010 to 182 billion in 2011. Tags: lamps  bulbs  lighting  

Russia's accession to the WTO and bring opportunities for China's auto electronics industry

The automotive electronics industry to bring about new opportunities to enter the Russian market.
    Russia's sparsely populated, harsh climatic conditions, the use of the car is very widespread, the automotive electronics market demand is huge, it is the ideal target market of China's automotive electronics manufacturers. But before the HID lamps accession to the WTO, Russia because of the chief characteristics of its market, market management confusion, various administrative regulations interfere with the normal operation of the market. In the same time, the Russian customs lamps and lanterns clearance is cumbersome and confusing tariffs, Chinese exporters in the operation lamps of the Russian market is particularly difficult. "Gray customs clearance" to some extent reduce the cost of customs clearance of export commodities, improve the efficiency of customs clearance, but because there are many illegal operations of its own, easily lead to China's exports of goods to be seized by the Russian authorities. Russia's accession to the WTO will greatly improve the market environment in Russia, the normative and transparency of its decrees will be much improved, more standardized so that Sino-Russian trade, Chinese goods into Russia will become more and more convenient.

Haier ice share up over 80% of market champion

Before, authoritative market research agencies halogen lamps in ekon released the latest week's ice bar market data, the reporter found from the data, Haier ice market share up to 88.7%, retaining the title overwhelming lead in the ice bar market champion .

The future of the city lit with LED lights

 Sponsored by the Energy Research Institute of National Development and Reform Commission, the Energy Efficiency Best Practices Case conference and product launches recently held in Beijing, the National Development and Reform  LED lamps Commission Energy Research Institute at the meeting focuses on the No. 113 of the State Energy Conservation Information Dissemination Center The energy practice case - Chun Han Shiming LED lighting application of energy-saving technologies streetlights. The practice cases through the study of the Humen, Dongguan City, Guangdong Province, Port Boulevard for some length of one kilometer of road applications LED street lighting projects from LED light performance, operating results, economic efficiency, and market potential for LED lights to promote the use of feasibility and necessity.

Hundreds of lighting palm fold ji "lighting industry rolls Royce" endangered

Yesterday morning, sit on the dock XuGuang a face of melancholy.

XuGuang is the chairman of the board of the company of lighting. Eight years ago, in the lighting of the township guzhen town is the little-known him, almost be a sickness took life, escape a started his own brand after "put LaoShi", just a few years and in the global gun fired, and create the annual sales of its performance hundreds of millions of dollars, "put LaoShi" also have "lighting industry Rolls-Royce" laudatory name.


The LED illumination enterprise remember relying too heavily on government subsidies development

In the lighting industry in today, LED many investors to save the become as the core, and of the chief factor lies in supply chains is the former open, guest group of wide, gross margin and relatively high. And in the past two years, the LED industry attack compared to the big change, the first change in the future on LED lighting industry chain operation with the trend of the group is getting more and more.



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