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candle lamps

candle lamps

candle lamps built-in energy saving bulbs, as long as three small lithium battery, even after prolonged continuous use, nor will the lamp holder overheating happens. Candle light candle shape lamp body, connected to the lamp and lamp holder and built-in light in the lamp body, characterized in that said emitter electrode connected to the corresponding electrode of the lamp.

Most of the microcontroller (ELAN) control, time, remote control, and can blow out and many other features. LED energy-efficient, two rechargeable nickel metal hydride batteries can be used continuously for more than 12 hours. Candle light as the window display, decorative lighting, mood lighting, restaurant / bar desktop lighting at night was held in the garden, ponds, board or backyard party lighting ideal choice, but to bring is also very convenient. Each set there are four candle lights and a charging base and a power adapter box other accessories also includes 4 frosted plastic lampshade, lamp shade can serve to beautify the light appearance makes it look more like a real candle . Solid-state design of the LED to the LED with superior resistance to impact, anti-vibration, frequent switching performance.

Candle lamps are a popular type of lamp to decorate with. They provide the soft light of a candle in a more mature and safe look. Candle lamps can make an attractive addition to any room.

Candle lamps are similar in appearance to a traditional lamp, though they are usually a bit smaller. The lamps have a base and a lampshade that is usually made of glass, aluminum, bronze or another type of heat-resistant metal. Instead of a light bulb, a candle will be placed on a small tray underneath the lampshade. The candle can generally be lit by reaching through the top of the lampshade.

Candle lamps are available in virtually any style and color to match your decor, and they can look very modern or very traditional depending on the design.