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flower energy saving lamps

flower energy saving lamps

Super energy saving, 80% electricity-saving than ordinary incandescent lamp.No flick Protect eyesight. More healthy,8 times longer than ordinary incandescent lamp, low light recession .More durable than ordinary energy-saving lamp, The family voltage start, built-in insurance, more safer

flower energy saving lamps volume small, the ideal light source in dark areas and blackheads, good downlights and chandeliers, soft lighting, no flicker, protect vision, prevention of myopia.

Quality tricolor tube, high luminous efficiency, light a small decline.

10 times the life of ordinary light bulbs

Brightness is more than six times that of ordinary light bulbs, energy saving of 80% than ordinary light bulbs

Application: suitable for downlights, table lamps, porch lamp, wall lamp, etc.

Applicable occasions: bedroom lighting, office lighting, industrial lighting and industrial applications: shopping malls, retail stores, etc.