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mercury lamps

mercury lamps
Mercury lamp
The Mercury lamp was the first kind of metal vapour light source that was mass produced for general lighting applications, and still today it remains one of the most popular discharge lamps

Mercury Lamp, an internal containing mercury vapor lamp, the way of the gas discharge light.

Tube made of heat-resistant glass, with electrodes at both ends of the air had been removed, filled with mercury and a small amount of argon; manufacture; power after mercury evaporation by the electron excitation luminescence.

Mercury lamps have "low voltage", "High Voltage" and "ultra-high pressure" three types. High pressure mercury lamp High luminous efficiency, long life, but more UV and less red light can be used as diazo light source; wall coated with fluorescent material to produce white light, high-pressure mercury fluorescent lamps, can be used as a plaza and street lighting. Low-pressure mercury lamps emit strong UV light can be used as a sterilization; coated with fluorescent material, ie, the fluorescent lamp. The ultra-high pressure mercury lamp is a point light source for optical instruments.