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sodium lamps

sodium lamps
sodium lamps:
A sodium vapor lamp is a gas discharge lamp that uses sodium an excited state to produce light. There are two varieties of such lamps: low pressure and high pressure. Because sodium vapor lamps cause less light pollution than mercury-vapor lamps, many cities that have large astronomical observatories employ them. in

Sodium lamps used sodium vapor discharge to produce the electric light in the visible. Sodium lamp was divided into the low pressure sodium and high pressure sodium lamp. Low pressure sodium vapor pressure of no more than a few par.Low pressure sodium discharge radiation is concentrated in the double-D spectral lines of 589.0 nm and 589.6 nm 2, they are very close to the maximum value of the human visual curve (555 nm), so the high luminous efficiency. High pressure sodium vapor pressure greater than 0.01 MPa.High pressure sodium lamp is too poor color rendering, the discharge tube is too long and disadvantages developed for monochromatic low pressure sodium lamp.

Sodium lamps and other gas discharge lamp, the working state of the arc discharge - voltage curve for a negative slope, ie, light bulb current is increased, while the lamp voltage has dropped. Under constant power conditions, in order to ensure The bulb stable work, the circuit must be connected in series to a positive resistance characteristic of the circuit elements to balance this negative resistance characteristics, stable operating current, the device called the ballast or limiting. Current limiting resistors, capacitors, inductors, and so on.