Product Model: ST22 SMD LED LAMP





1.Energy Efficiency, save much energy compared with other light source;

2.Long Life, life time up to 100,000 hours;

3.Available in a range of colors, like red, blue, green and the widely used white color;

4.No UV Emissions/Little Infrared;

5.Durable, don't need to change bulbs frequently;

6.Small Size/Design Flexibility.

7.LED light bulbs are free of mercury

8.LED light bulbs can be used in colder temperatures (near -20°C) than CFLs.

9.LED light bulbs are not sensitive to frequent "on/o_" power cycling, which can bear at least 15,000 cycles

10.An LED light bulb's lifespan is considerably longer and uses less energy than a CFL. LED's save in energy costs, as well as maintenance and replacement costs.

11.LED light bulbs can be safely disposed of with no worries of contaminating the environment.

12.LED light bulbs start-up immediately (reaching full brightness instantly) and don’t su_er from being switched on and off

13.An LED lamp body is made of plastic and aluminum instead of glass compared to CFL light bulbs. LEDs do not have a _lament and are impact resistant, they are not damaged under circum-stances when a CFL would be broken. LEDs will not shatter.