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LED Lamps

LED Lamps

An LED lamp ( LED light bulb ) is a solid-state lamp that uses light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light . The LEDs involved may be con...Read More>>

Energy Saving lamps

A compact fluorescent lamp ( CFL ), also called compact fluorescent light , energy-saving light , and compact fluorescent tube , is a fluorescent lamp designed to replac...Read More>>

Incandescent Bulbs

Incandescent bulbs are produced in a wide range of sizes, light output, and voltage ratings, from 1.5 volts to about 300 volts. They require no external reg...Read More>>
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LED lamps
LED lamps,replace the traditional halogen bulb and incand...
Energy Saving Lamps
Energy saving lamps,with long lifetime,high light efficie...
Eco halogen saver bulbs
Eco Halogen Saver Bulbs,Class C energ...
Halogen lamps
Halogen lamps,compact lighting for residential and commer...
Fluorescent tube lamps
Fluorescent tube with G5 and G13 base,used for general li...
Incandescent bulbs
Incandescent bulbs can be dimmed to any level and will la...
HID lamps
High brightness ,high quality white light with good colou...